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Return and refund

Answer by: Srilaxmi on May, 31 2017
I have seen the radyance advertisement when I was browsing the net. Then i ordered it with cash on delivery method. It came after 4 days.the postman asked to pay 1692 rs.

I paid it and took the product.after that Neha Gupta the seller of this product sent me a mail that it wonÁt work.because by mistake she has sent the night cream only.thats why I have to receive another product again I have to pay another 1170rs.
I thought that the cream is only 1692.she didnÁt say early.otherwise I wouldnÁt have paid for that.now i donÁt believe in her and her product also. I want the refund of my money.i didnÁt use that product.so I want to return the product
Please take into concern my problem and help me.
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