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Zoetis India Ltd - Cisaflux Shampoo Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Snehankita Bose Bangur on March, 04 2017 04:55 AM
We brought this horrible shampoo yesterday from a pet shop. We went to the shop and told we just need a good shampoo for good coat of our baby. Then the shopkeeper gave us this one , saying its a good product that gives shiny hair and also helps in tick removal. Then I made my dog who is of 10 months old have a bath with it. And then as usual way dried him of with a hair dryer . Just after 10 mins our baby started getting hyper in a bad way he started rubbing himself against the sofa and wall. And started salivating profusely and his entire body again became wet specially his face. His eyes became red and swollen and his skin started showing extreme redness as if there was blood clots all around. Seeing this we almost had a heartache. Then we immediately called up the Vet , he told us that we should have never used that shampoo since it doesn't go that well with the dogs and more over its poisonuous . During shampoo if your dog licks it , he needs to be taken immediately to the hospital and given antidote. And most importantly this shampoo doesnt sell much , so inorder to sell it the shopkeeper recomended you a wrong one.We were shocked to know how can a brand like ZOETIS sell such a product which is so harmful for our little four legged friends. Zoetis don't even mention any antidote for it on the bottle itself being such a poisonous shampoo.
Then our Vet suggested to give him the following injections :
Atropine Sulphate
Pepsid C
Avil ( 2 times )

Till now our son is extremely weak and he is still now salivating though not much but less ( thanks to the vet for the antidotes ) and also panting heavily. Since after the use of shampoo and those alergies he is having fever still now. We are keeping him under observation and also doing hourly check ups. If the condition doesn't improve then again our son will have to be subjected to those 4 injections.
The Vet told he could have passed away had the antidotes were not been given on time.
Lesson learned never to use any Zoetis products if you don't want harm your dog's life and subject him to extreme pain. Boycott this product and if possible the brand too.
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