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Posted: Venkat Nagabyru on February, 03 2017 04:01 AM

I am the active and frequent user of Yatragenie. As an active customer, I just want to bring to your notice that the situation I faced yesterday.

Actually I booked 3 tickets on 1st Feb TN: ABRS5339488 Service Number 321267869 Travelling date is Feb 2nd at 7:40PM boarding point Hoskote tollgate in Sri Krishna Travels as there is emergency (health problem) to travel.

10:05AM : I got a call from 8095772345 saying the bus is cancelled and SMS will be sent soon

Wating for the message till 6:30PM

6:30PM : Called up to the same number got information that the tickets are confirmed and the contact number 8070224567.

6:45PM : Called to 8070224567, he confirmed that the bus will come to Hoskote Tollgate between 8:45PM - 9PM

8:30PM : Reached Hoskote Tollegate with family. waiting for the bus.

9PM: Called to 8070224567, he told there are no seats available and please contact 8095772345

9:05PM: Contacted 8095772345, he told bus is there at Marathahalli and is not agreeing to boarding to the bus.

contacting 8050802345, 8095772345 for the confirmation of tickets and the time. 8050802345 told they will call each other and will contact me.

Meanwhile, we stopped every Sri Krishna bus and asked for the seats. One Non-AC bus (9:30PM) guy is shouting on my family badly saying ther are not yet are responsible in giving response to people like us.

9:45PM: called from my wife's number (she was talking to the person)Called to 8050802345, he told he is not able to do anything at this point, we have to get in to the 11PM bus and will reach to guntur by 9AM.

9:45PM: called from my wife's number (she was talking to the person) Called to 8095772345, he is not sure when we reach guntur.
Asked for the correct time including the late, then replied arriving time in Guntur is 9:30Am -10AM.
We have to amount (which is 75% more than the amount we paid for 7:40PM bus) in the bus for the 3 tickets and the net booking amount will be refunded.

As my wife got injuried (3rd degree burn injury) and she was on bed from almost 1 month, we took an emergency Doctor (from other place) appointment in Guntur who is leaving Guntur by 9AM.

Because of irresponsibility of the Travel people, we missed the appointment and now there is not option, we have to go for a Surgery.

Now, can you tell how we will get justice. Also please let us know why Yatrgenie is entertaining this kind of travels which will cause the failthlessness on Yatrageinie.

I hope you will help me on this

Venkat Nagabyru
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