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Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd - Unprofessional Behavior And Report Delays Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Hima Bindu on March, 28 2019 11:40 AM
I've called up the Secunderabad branch of Vijaya diagnostics to confirm the timings the tests would be done as my parents were diabetic and BP patients. They asked us to come around 11am and the scans would be done by 2pm. Hence we reached there by that time.

Firstly, the staff is so irresponsible and unresponsive that they would say 1 min for every question you ask. They didnt know what scans need to be done even after providing the doctor prescription. They kept on asking us what is needed.

Mammography was done at around 12pm and they mentioned that the doctor would come at 3:30pm hence had to wait. This was not told on call, when I called up. They kept on saying that there were pregnancy patients (which BTW was not to be seen anywhere). Not only me there were other patients (small kids and elderly people waiting for long hrs - like me who have been waiting for almost 6hrs for our turn) and the staff is just loitering around, having fun. They called us for screening at 4pm after asking multiple times. FnAC had to be done and we were asked to wait for a report that the doctor was writing for about 1.5 hrs, which was BTW a 2 pages report.
When I asked for Mammography report they mentioned it would be ready by 7. It was already 5:30pm and we were sent for FnAC. The procedure there was quick. When asked about reports, they mentioned it would take 5 days. Since I had to wait for another hour, I waited and asked for the reports around 7:15pm, and they mentioned it was not ready and need to collect tomorrow. I was irritated and asked them to send it to Suchitra, to the branch near my place.

I called them up next morning to find the status of mammography reports. Below is the different kinds of information I get on an 8 mins call

1) Reports are already sent to Kompally - I said I mentioned Suchitra - The usual "1 min let me check" started
2) Looks like you gave different phone number - I gave the same phone # for all references - "1 min let me check"
3) We are not able to find any report. Did you get mammography done? - "1 min let me check"
4) Can you give the phone number again? I gave the Reg # this time to try my luck - "1 min let me check"
5) FnAC is done. Did you get the mammography done? - At this time,I had to remind them that they made us wait for 7 hrs previous day for a procedure of overall 30 mins scan (BTW not too many patients were there) which reminded them of the patient
6) Confirmed the patient name with me and mentioned, Reports have been sent to Himayatnagar. You can collect tomorrow - 1 min let me check
By this time I lost my cool and I gave my piece of mind to them and asked for a supervisor to complaint about the behavior. They put me on hold mentioning they would transfer.
And Ola!!!! they come back mentioning they JUST received reports and would be sending to the Suchitra branch and I can collect in the evening.

DO I TRUST THEM? The next thing if I call in the evening, they would say the reports are sent from my side, contact Suchitra branch and the never ending blame game starts.

These people dont have any concern or respect for the patients coming to them but to earn money. Mostly there were small kids and elders whom I saw waiting for more than 5 hrs and they were least bothered about it. I would never ever go again to them for any kind of diagnosis.
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