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Indiacomplaints.com / Travel Magica / Fraud Company Charged 20 percent Extra After Full Payment and Very Rude Behaviour With Loud Voice

Travel Magica - Fraud Company Charged 20 Percent Extra After Full Payment And Very Rude Behaviour With Loud Voice Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Arushsharma on June, 28 2019 01:32 PM
This is the most fraud company I have ever seen in my life.......first of all they promise very big thing & ask for full payment before travel after the payment they will ask for extra 20k or 30k ....!! If you ask why extra 20k or 30k they will say service charge of our company....And again if you ask for refund they will just shout aloud & behave very rudely and will say do whatever you want to do we will not refund you.....At last you have to pay the extra 20k or 30k and travel ......Its not finished yet again stating 4 star hotel they will keep you in a guest house of 300 Ra's Per day rent where no a/c and no comfort .....There service were ridiculous :-( ......Big Promises but after payment no interest .....Friends pleas report this company as much as possible they are such a fake & rediculous guys......Report them
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  |September, 20 2019 11:30 PM By Chinmay Das 0 votes
Chinmay Das Response from Travel Magica Dear viewers, We simply want to bring your attention on these line in the review, which would separate the truth and lie apart. Look at these lines our guest has written, which are totally manipulated, can any company really behave so absurd the way he has written here. We did not demand extra for our profit, he chose a higher category hotel instead the category which was offered in the package. We regret that we cloud not fulfill his demand as it was really out of the package he purchased. Following are written below. (Line Number 1) "They will ask for extra 20k after making the full payment for tour...and if we ask why extra payment they will just shout and say if you want to travel then you have to pay this charge or else don't travel..." (Line Number 2) "If we ask for refund they will shout and say" we are not going to refund you do whatever you want to do "-- We are company which has facilitated traveled for more then 3 years now, I mean any one who is intelligent enough would understand that this review is totally manipulated with his own self interest when we denied to fulfill his extra demand within. Things which are not in quotation can not be offered.

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