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Indiacomplaints.com / RPO Bangalore / PROLONGED DELAY IN RE-ISSUANCE OF PASSPORT:FILE NO.BN1079443935516 ,DATED:17.06.2016 TILL 01.02.2017:SURYA KANT SHARMA

RPO Bangalore - PROLONGED DELAY IN RE-ISSUANCE OF PASSPORT:FILE NO.BN1079443935516 ,DATED:17.06.2016 TILL 01.02.2017:SURYA KANT SHARMA Complaint Rating:   

Posted: SURYA KANT SHARMA on February, 01 2017 10:28 AM
Respected Sir,
With due regards, I submit that as under: Please refer to my various communications in respect of the captioned subject forwarded to Ministry of External affairs, GOI for further necessary action and suitably instruct RPO Bangalore to expedite the reissuance of my passport pending since 09.05.2016 (whereas as per instructions from GOI ,a government employee would be issued/reissued his passport within seven days)for the reasons best known to them. I am being forced to seek your kind personal intervention /support to provide me justice by arranging to reissue my passport WITHOUT FURTHER LOSS OF TIME(Working as Manager in State Bank Of India) and further submit as under:
1. I have already submitted to your good self through my trailing e-mails that I have submitted my all legal proofs of my Present address of Pune [Flat No G-401, Rohan Niley-1, Near Spicer College, Aundh , Pune-411007] accompanied my previous application( PN1079887696616 Dated 09.05.2016) to RPO ,Pune mentioned as under:
(i) Duly approved lease agreement(for Three years) by the competent authority of State Bank Of India with the owner of my Flat no G-401,Rohan Niley-1, Near Spicer College,Aundh ,Pune-411007[Maharashtra] and the same being duly notarized by the approved Notary Public of Pune. (ii) Original Certificate on the letter head of Local Head office,State Bank Of India , Bangalore along with official seal duly signed by the authorized competent authority of State Bank Of India mentioning my captioned present address of Pune. (iii) Copy of post paid landline telephone bill for the said pune address in my name. (iv) Copy of Gas Connection Bill (IOC) Pune for the said Pune address in my name.
(v) Copy of Photo passbook of my running Bank account(Andhra Bank,Aundh ,Pune) (vi) Spouse's Passport Copy(First and last Page including family details)
In view of the foregoing, It would be pertinent to mention that an applicant has to submit any one of the aforesaid documents along with his passport application as Proof of Present address, whereas I have submitted all the captioned documents to RPO ,Pune along with my Previous passport application(PN1079887696616) submitted to RPO Pune on 09.05.2016 ,which is being well placed on the record for your further reference. But. It is a matter of grave concern/injustice that despite submission of my all desired captioned documents as legal proof of my present address, which are being more than sufficient as the necessary documentary evidences in the eyes of Law to establish that I am a bonafide resident of Pune at the said address ,I am being advised by RPO Pune vide their Closure L.No.FCL/306429896/16 ,dated 08.06.2016(copy enclosed) that you may apply for re-issuance of your Passport from RPO ,Bangalore and to quote the previous file No at the appropriate places in the relevant form. Accordingly, I have once again applied for reissuance of my passport (copy enclosed) to RPO Bangalore on 15.06.2016 and paid once again my on-line fee for Rs.1500/-+ Rs.40/-(for SMS) for getting appointment for the same on 17.06.2016 (copy enclosed) and visited PSK,LALBAGH ,Bangalore on 17.06.2016 as per my said appointment accompanied my all desired original documents along with closure letter from RPO, Pune and submitted the same to concerned officials thereat. Keeping in view my above submissions, It is a matter of grave concern/injustice that my captioned File No.BN1079443935516 ,Dated 17.06.2016 submitted to RPO ,Bangalore has been held up at Passport Office , Koramangla, Bangalore and I am being advised to approach RPO, Bangalore to pay penalty amount of Rs.5000/-for suppression of present address in your previous application submitted at RPO,PUNE to process your above file. Whereas the objection raised by RPO ,Bangalore for suppression of present address in my previous application submitted to RPO, Pune is not justified/reasonable and hence NULL AND VOID AND NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ANY COST SINCE I AFFIRM THAT THE INFORMATION GIVEN BY ME ABOUT MY PRESENT ADDRESS ACCOMPANIED THE CAPTIONED DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCES AS PROOF OF MY PRESENT ADDRESS AT PUNE IN MY PREVIOUS APPLICATION(PN1079887696616 DATED 09.05.2016) SUBMITTED TO RPO PUNE IS TRUE AND HENCE THE QUESTION OF IMPOSING THE SAID PENALTY FOR RS.5000/- DOES NOT ARISE AT ANY COST AND HENCE NOT JUSTIFIED AND REASONABLE AND NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME ON THE STRENGTH OF ALL THE CAPTIONED
PROOF OF PRESENT ADDRESS OF PUNE SUBMITTED TO RPO PUNE ARE SUFFICIENT AND NECESSARY DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCES TO JUSTIFY MY REQUEST TO PROVE THAT NO QUESTION OF SUPPRESSION OF PRESENT ADDRESS BEING ARISES AT ALL. In view of my captioned submissions, I once again submit that the information given by me about my present address of pune accompanied all the duly approved captioned proof of my present address at Pune being submitted along with my previous application to RPO Pune are true and correct and hence no question of suppression of present address arises as objected by RPO Bangalore through their e-mail reply. I seek your kind personal intervention for suitable instructions to RPO Bangalore to expedite the process of re-issuance of my passport which is being already too much delayed KEEPING IN VIEW MY TRUE AND CORRECT AFORESAID SUBMISSIONS SINCE THE SAME HAS CAUSED ME SEVERE MENTAL AGONY/DEPRESSION/HARASSMENT AND HUMILIATION/ATROCITIES.
Thanks & Regards.
Surya Kant Sharma
Site No.8 ,3RD Main 10TH Cross ,L.B.Shastry Nagar
Alt.E-mail:[email protected]
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