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Puma India - Shoe Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Subhash on July, 09 2017 08:53 AM
Dear Sir/Madam,

I had purchased a pair of JAGO RIPSTOP II DP WH Running shoe (Article No-18888701) for ₹5499/- on 10/9/2016 alongwith another pair from Puma Store in Mahagun Metro Mall, Vaishali, Ghaziabad. The details of the naughty product concerned only is given.

I am attaching the receipts dated 10 Se 2016 for ₹9813/- for the purchase of concerned pair of shoes with other products.

The concerned pair started giving me intense discomfort just after a week use. The Right sole of the shoe had suddenly been squeezed & hardened, resultantly it became impossible to walk with it. Fortunately, I had purchased an another pair of different shoe which I started using and is really nice.

Since I'm posted in Chandigarh so when I came to Vaishali, Ghaziabad, I could manage to visit the shop on 15th Oct (there may be some variation in the date), Mr Satendra Singh Bisht , the Shop in-charge, checked the shoe and immediately replaced the same with a new pair. I won't hesitate in appreciating his gesture. It was really nice of him to be so cordial.

It was very disappointing that even this new pair had 'exactly the very same problem' alike the previous pair added with the fact that the left one was making a noise which made it impossible to walk with.

Not out of choice but compulsion, I again visited the shop to report the issue. Mr Satender was again very receptive and helpful in sorting out the issue but this time he advised me not to go for the same Article, as it may again meet with same problem. I although was reluctant in going for a different pair (Article No- 18888501) costing ₹4499/- but finally agreed and took another fresh Article.

Along with the replaced new Article to adjust ₹1000/- (the difference of the two Articles), I purchased a track suit (Article No- 654737031) for ₹4799/- by paying ₹3799/-

Subsequent on returning home, I put on the track and found that it too was a defective piece with 5 to 6 spots on right thigh, making it appear really bad as these were transparent dots. With this, I literally had lost myself and reported to the shop after an hour. I was proposed by Mr Satender for replacement of the Track which I outrightly refused and asked him to return the cash. On this, he informed me that returning of cash was not possible and I will have to approach the company through Customer Care and he facilitated me with all the emails. However, on my insistence, he refunded me ₹3799/- but in lieu, I was told to return the pair of shoe (new article worth ₹4499/-) which was given to me in lieu of the defective piece (It may please be kept in mind that it was the second piece who met with same manufacturing defects).

I preferred to buy that by paying the cost as a new purchase. Thus it was the second fresh pair with me now.

I as advised by the Puma Store, I approached the Customer Care through detailed e-mails and I was allowed for 3rd replacement of the concerned pair, although I requested for Cash Refund as the third pair was of hardly any use to me and it would be wastage of my hard earned money but the Company on the plea of No Refund policy, didn't.

It is unfortunate that my third pair (replaced second time) again met the same fate and is not at all in usable condition. I again approached to the shop as well as Customer Care for replacement, they refused to as the purchase is now beyond the warranty as well as refused to even repair the same.

It can be lucidly seen that the concerned pair is having the manufacturing defect and so the company should have refunded the cash after the second replaced pair got again defective.

I, in view of above facts & figures request for redressal of my grievances and give me justice.

I am enclosing the pdf copies of all the mails related with this complaint.

Thanking you, in anticipation.

(Subhash Chandra Das)
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