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Max Bupa Health Insurance Co. Ltd - Medical Policy Complaint Rating:   

Posted: DrNandita Banerjee on February, 18 2017 05:18 AM
Our policy and membership no. Has been attached with the attachment in this mail.
My complain is we got 3 calls from max bupa yesterday.
That our case has been approved and we can go ahead for the treatment.
But today when v went to billing department they told it has been rejected..
So our chief complain respectively are..

1. V do not have any notice about policy rejection otherwise we wudnt have gone forward for further investigation as we go 4 policy to save our hard-earned money when needed if u guys did such a fraud with us..
That u can't even inform us than will have to file an FIR against this..

2. I am myself a doctor working as medical underwriter.
The cardiologist of metro hospital clearly told me the case is not because of any cardiac issues as ECG is normal, echo is normal, cardiac troponin which are cardiac markers are also normal so plz don't go further for angiography as no cardiac issue found..
Than I asked her clearly that what's d cause she told me it's due to renal stone reffered pain..
So how can u guys reject this case on the basis of diabetes or cardiac issues..
We have full reports n carrying those we can easily go 2 consumer court n completely sue u guys..

3. If diabetes is written in the report than also it's very well justified as the patient with diabetes won't get rid of it and it will always be there in the risk factor of the report and diabetes was already declared in the policy..
So u can't justify this point at all..
N ur superwiser saying this that v can't make it cashless as we don't know when they used diabetic medicine and when they used epigastric pain medicine..
Is completely baseless and very funny as even if a patient comes with severe dehydration and nothing else still if he is diabetic and admitted , they will obviously give him diabetic medication with dehydration medication..
Not because dehydration is because of diabetes but to vontrol sugar as he is admitted, so will have to give..
Look either agree with the point that max bupa is completely fraud ..
Cz a person having 25 lakhs policy won't complain for 50 thousand but we are doing this coz the points u have given are completely baseless ..
Either agree with ur fraudness or give us reimbursement..
Otherwise don't think, you can fool us..
We will go to higher authorities, consumer court and will definitely file FIR for this baseless reason of rejection ..

Dr. Nandita
medical policy
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