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Maitreya Group Of Companies - Return Of Matured Policy Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Virendra Deharkar on January, 23 2017 05:47 AM
Dear Maitreya Group I withdraw policy keeping trust on you and now its your responsibility to return its with honor.

Following are the policies details 091-0077149, 091-0043909, 091-43908. What a problem now to return the amount even after maturity date has been passed .Please return our amount with an honest. How long we will wait. Please give a call to me
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  |April, 19 2017 12:08 AM By Satish Kumar 0 votes
Satish Kumar Paise leke jaoge kha Pandit hu pandit ka paisa khaker pachaoge kha.....
Virendra Deharkar Virendra Deharkar July, 15 2017 11:45 AM Any update on Maitreya Group
  |February, 17 2017 12:10 AM By Virendra Deharkar -1 votes
Virendra Deharkar Hii Maitreya Group please release the payment. Below contact number and emails are also invalid Contact: 0250-2335520 Email: [email protected] Unit No Policy Date Maturity Date Cummulative Till Maturity 091 0056213 29-Mar-11 29-Mar-17 120000 091 0075313 20-Dec-11 20-Dec-16 23520 091 0067027 23-Aug-11 23-Aug-16 49000 091 0077631 31-Dec-11 31-Dec-16 23520 091 0046465 24-Jan-11 24-Jan-17 62000 091 0077149 30-Dec-11 30-Dec-15 22050 091 0043909 31-Dec-10 31-Dec-16 66000 091 0043908 31-Dec-10 31-Dec-16 132000 Total 498090 Please return our money
Virendra Deharkar Virendra Deharkar March, 03 2017 05:13 AM Pleasa return my amount
  |February, 13 2017 03:34 AM By Virendra Deharkar 1 votes
Virendra Deharkar Dear Maitreya Group Please return our money. Almost a year completed for its maturity

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