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Posted: Vivek Malu on April, 27 2017 07:33 PM
Hi Team,

This is a serious complaint, and hence might be a lengthy note. Mostly, cause I care for the Brand.

I had recently purchased, the KTM RC 390 (BSIV) 2017 Edition on 24th February.
Dealer Name – OSL Auto Pvt. Ltd.
Branch Name – VIP Road, Kolkata

I had walked into the dealership on 18th February to book the concerned vehicle. I was clearly stated that the vehicle will be delivered in a week’s time, on 24th February, 2017. As it will take them time to temporary register the vehicle and after the delivery I have to get the permanent registration myself after 10 days, as it will take that much time for the documents to get transferred there and get updated on the system. I agreed to the same, as there was no alternative. I paid INR 44,678 as a booking amount, and the rest was to be paid in Cash, as for Cheque the process of transfer deadline would increase due to Current account transfer. So, Payment in Cash was agreed to by both parties. All of this was discussed with Mr. Tapas from the VIP Road branch of OSL Auto Dealership.
On 22nd February, 2017 I received a call from Mr.Tapas to come and make the payment by the next day, so I agreed to go in and do the same. On 23rd February, I walked in and received zero Customer Care. I wasn’t even offered a seat for the first 1 hour. After a wait, Mr.Tapas came in and asked for the cash, which he asked us to do in the next showroom of Maruti Suzuki, apparently owned by the same owner. However, that is illegal to make any payment out of the dealership associated with the purchase, I walked out and made the same. As soon as the payment was done, I was informed the vehicle will be given with a Delivery Challan and not the Temporary registration, as that will take another 10 days of time. Hence, I am expected to take the vehicle and keep it at my home and not legally drive it anywhere till the Temp Number was provided. Note: I don’t own a showroom myself nor have an exhibition to just take a bike and keep it in shed for 10 days. And legally, under the CMVR Law – in RTO Faq, Article 42 prosecuted under MV Act, denies the authority for any dealership to give the customer a vehicle without the Temporary Registration. Delivery Challan is strictly for Transport of the vehicle from the Manufacturing unit to the Showrooms, and within the showrooms only or can also be used when the dealership is driving the vehicle to the RTO for registration. But it is clear under Law, that they cannot deliver it to a customer with only a Delivery Challan and no Temporary Registration.

On highlighting the issue, the concerned person started yelling and denying all the earlier promises and said this was told to you. I stated, firstly it wasn’t told at all, and even if it was, it is illegal to give me the vehicle with no temporary registration. The matter escalated, and the next day (24th February, 2017), on the delivery of the Vehicle, the Area Manager, Mr.Sourav Bose also came into the showroom and shouted on the concerned person (Mr. Tapas) for miscommunication and also for his previous interactions with customers with false promises. So, finally I was given the vehicle with no temporary registration and with just a delivery challan, for which I had no option but to take the vehicle as the bike was not even handled and kept well in the showroom, with too many persons walking in and even starting the bike and revving it at unnecessary levels to test the sound of the new exhaust. I understand for a walk-in customer, they will definitely want to see the same, but it can be better managed by the showroom personnel by stating this bike has been purchased and cannot be heated up uselessly. Also, the vehicle to my surprise was delivered at an ODO of 19 Kms. Which is unacceptable. A single digit ODO can be accepted, but 19kms driven bike, cannot be assured the way it was driven, either for transport or for the sake of fun and experience by the showroom personnel.
However, I thought to neglect the same, after my talks with Sourav Bose and walked out with the bike.

Now, after the timeline, when the temporary registration was completed I was notified to visit the showroom and take the concerned receipts and documents. To my surprise, not even a White Number Board was given alongwith. The Payment receipt clearly states, INR 1,200 as the Temp. Registration fees, inclusive of the Number Plate Charges (mentioned on the bill), but they disagreed, stating it is No instead of No. and was not given even a printout or a White Board, which is again Legally to be provided by the Showroom. I didn’t take it too seriously and that’s a reason I didn’t complain earlier.

However, now things have gone out of limit. Today, the 22nd of March, 2017, I went in for my First service, which is adjacent to the same Showroom I bought the vehicle from. After the servicing, I notice the number print I had stickered on was ripped apart and the paper pieces were everywhere in the windshield. And the windshield also had terrible marks of water (washed and wiped with a dirty cloth). On asking the Manager, I received a response – “Sir, our hands do not reach there, so we cannot clean it anyway”. I clearly stated him and also want to understand this from the Bajaj Auto, if the service center of KTM, does not have valid machinery to reach every corner and clean, do you really expect the customer to do it on their own? Even the rear mirrors and the tank pad had marks all over it. Not by standing still for a while in the open, that will be dirt, but these were marks, clearly showcasing no proper cleaning motives of the service personnel. I asked them to clean it, and they took the vehicle inside and cleaned it well in front of me, and then it was okay. Not perfect, but okay. It took them 3 persons and cloth and water spray to do the same for 10 minutes. It still has marks of dirty water at few places.

Apart from the worst Customer Service, the Dealership has violated serious RTO Laws, and I want to see immediate action accounting to the same. I will take this matter to our subordinate court on the coming Monday, 27th March, 2017 unless a solution and concerns are resolved (which I doubt)

Violations at a glance –
1. False promises & Misguiding Customers

2. Delivery illegally with no Temporary Registration.

3. No White Board provided, but charged for, in the bill

4. Zero Customer Satisfaction

5. Illegal mode of payment (at a different Brand’s outlet)

Look forward to hear from you, at the earliest.

Vivek Malu
Kolkata, WB
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