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Intermedia Cable Communication - Poor Internet Service Complaint Rating:   

Icc internet is a joke.. a sick joke that you'd like to play to mentally harass somebody...
I would urge customers to save their sanity and never opt for this...

Here is what icc internet gives you -
No option but to pay for six months internet already
Customer care just keeps saying - don't worry it will be fixed
Tech support hangs up on you or talks rude to you
They actually have two engineers only for the entire Pune location
The engineers do not give a shit about complaints and will show up only if we threaten police action
Managers are not ready to speak on the phone - it's been one month since I've been trying to reach a manager
They give you the opportunity to get a big ass phone bill because you've to call them at least 12 times a day - I'm not kidding
Bad wiring and connection lines - the lines will break off if there is slightly hard breeze too
They make you feel like you're a beggar - you have to literally beg them to have someone look at shit - I lost my temper so much that I cried and howled
They do not entertain the topic of refund - they've been dodging my calls for refund since two months

This company is a bloody joke and a sad excuse for a bunch of illiterates to earn two bucks... They are sick as shit and I hope there are no more customers with icc internet

Customer ID blossom666
Customer name. Blossom
Area. Kalyani nagar

I'm taking this issue to a while new and broad level.... Hope the entire world sees how pathetic icc is
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Intermedia cable communication

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