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Institite Of Technology And Management Bhilwara - Not Return Original Documents Complaint Rating:   

I am Jayeshkumar Rameshbhai Savaliya. I have completed my M. Tech. (Computer Sci & Eng) from Institute of Technology and Management Bhilwara affiliated by Rajasthan Technical University and approved by AICTE.
I Submitted my all original document which includes all Semester mark sheets of my B.E (IT) degree, 12th mark sheet, 10th mark sheet and my school leaving certificate (birth certificate). But still it is not returned whenever I enquired about it at college admin Section. They always replied me that my documents are not received at college and still my documents are at RAJASHTAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. But on 22/01/2014 I went to RAJASHTAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY and ask about my document to Mr. Bhatt (MTech section) he replied me that my documents were already sent to ITM college and ITM college always denied it. Finally, it means my documents were lost either by RAJASHTAN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY or ITM College. When I was studying at ITM whenever I asked about my original documents every time about hundreds of time I admin staff replied me that my documents were lost by RTU. They also told me that my documents will never return so they suggest me to issue duplicate copies of my original documents. I requested every time to try hard to find my original documents and they replied lightly that they enquired at RTU and my original documents are not there and suggest me to issue duplicate copies. On 22/01/2014 I went to RTU (Kota) to collect my document. I contact Mr. Bhatt (MTech section). he checked my document and Mr. Bhatt replied that my document is not there, He told me that my document was sent to ITM but ITM student section told that my document at RTU.
Then I wrote letter to Principal sir and VC sir. And reply from them was very shocking. They replied that my original documents were handover to mr.savaliya gopal on 20/03/2013 date. And send me proof in which gopal signed in my original documents receiver column. This was very shocking and shameful. I called so many times to RTU on this 07442473861 and 07442473014 number about my original documents but nobody receive my call and sometime receives than replied very badly. As per AICTE regulation no.37-3/Legal/2012 dated 25/02/2012) there must be provision for establishment of a grievance redressal committee. So I file complaint on RTU on http://www.rtu.ac.in/RTU/grievance about 50 times but they never respond and I also email concerned persons but they also never replied me.
After all this harassment I started to issue duplicate copies of my original documents. I spend so much time and 15000 to 20000 rupees for issue my duplicate copies of my original documents. After that I got duplicate copies of my original documents.
After complete my M. TECH I again started enquiry about my original documents. First I file RTI to enquire about my original documents. First I didn’t get any answer than I put appeal than I got answer from RTU. In which date of return my original documents to ITM is 16/08/2013 And document handover to Mr. Savaliya gopal as per principal sir is-20/03/2013. It means my documents were handover to mr.savaliya gopal before they returned from RTU to ITM. How is it possible? I attach both documents letter from ITM and RTI answer as proof. Both dates were mismatched and wrong. Because RTU didn’t send my original documents to ITM and ITM didn’t handover to mr.savaliya gopal. At that time, I feel very much harassed because nobody responds properly.
Then I complaint this issue to RAJASTHAN GOVERNMENT via SAMPARK online portal Grievance Id number 0516128751998 and 12163162076001and write letter to AICTE chairman. I also write letter to Prof.NKMathur
Principal ITM College, DIG Sharad Mantri TM (Retd) Registrar Sangam University, Prof. B. R. Natarajan President Sangam University, Mr. R.P. Soni Chairperson Sangam University.

After all this hard working AICTE and Rajasthan government comes into action and they help me to find my original documents. I got positive news from ITM College that my original documents are found. But it was too much late because I already issue duplicate copies of my original documents. And I spend 15000 to 20000 rupees for that.

Then I went ITM Bhilwara on 12/06/2017 for collecting my original documents at 9:00 am.
First I met mr.prakash (student section) and ask about my original documents so he just circumlocutory whole matter then I met deputy registrar mr.rishi bhatnagar. He just wants to convince me by circumlocutory way. He just told me that my intention was wrong because I demand compensation for issue duplicate of my original documents. He didn’t tell me about my original documents.
Then I queried about my original documents he let me to meet registrar mr.sharad mantri. But mr.sharad mantri didn’t know about my issue then he goes for any other meeting I wait for him for 2 hours but he didn’t come. Then I again ask deputy registrar mr.rishi bhatnagar about my original documents then he finally told that they will not return my original documents. After all complaints to Rajasthan government and AICTE RTU found my original documents and sent to ITM Bhilwara on 20.06. 2016.. Then I got call from ITM Bhilwara and got reply from RTU via Rajasthan sampark that my original documents are found and sent to ITM Bhilwara. But now deputy registrar mr.rishi bhatnagar told me that my original documents were not there and my original documents kept by mr.kamlesh (ITM bhilwara clerk) intense fully and he didn’t want to return my original documents. Then mr.rishi bhatnagar tried to convince me for forget all this issue and told me ITM will never pay me compensation money by being defaulter and RTU will also not pay me compensation by delaying. and told me that I already issued duplicate documents so I don’t need original documents so forget this matter. And threaten that if I will not keep good relation with ITM bhilwara by this issue then it will be harmful for me. he also told me that AICTE and RAJASTHAN GOVERNMENT will not interfere in this issue definitely because AICTE will hand over this issue to RTU or ITM and they both will not show interest in this issue. They don’t care about AICTE and Rajasthan government because now ITM bhilwara is no longer running it is replaced by SANGAM UNIVERSITY. Also he told me that if I file court case then I will have to come again and again at bhilwara and it will be worthless and time consuming and waste of money.
then again wait for registrar mr.sharad mantri but he didn’t come so I left ITM college and come back surat. Then again on 14/06/2017 I called registrar mr.sharad mantri about this issue he replied me he don’t about this issue and told me to talk with deputy registrar mr.rishi bhatnagar.then I called deputy registrar mr.rishi bhatnagar. he replied me to talk with registrar mr.sharad mantri and strictly told me to not call him (mr.rishi bhatnagar) about this issue. Right now both and nobody from ITM bhilwara are not receiving my call. Nobody want to take responsibility of this issue both of them told me they don’t know about this issue.
I already wasted so much time and money after this matter So my humble request to you that please pay extra attention in this matter and strictly give an order to ITM bhilwara to return my original documents and pay compensation for duplicate documents immediately. Its takes too much time and I am feeling so much harassing so please take very strict action against ITM bhilwara and provide me my original documents and pay compensation for duplicate documents immediately.
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