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HDFC Bank - Credit Card Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Shravan Kankla on June, 30 2017 10:48 AM
Below are is the complaint i have sent to the HDFC team and expecting a response from them.

Hi team,

It really annoying to write such an email when things are progressing and all the matters can be dealt over the phone with someone live who has access to all the system and details related to accounts.

Background: I bought a Samsung mobile (S7) in an offer where I can buy the phone from Samsung online shop for the emi of 18 months HDFC will provide a cash back in such a manner that the interest rate will be adjusted in the cashback and I just have to pay the principle amount. I took the service at that time and opted to pay the EMI in 18 installments, I received an confirmation SMS on the 14 may 2016 for the transaction. However the EMI conversion never happened and from past one year I am just paying the minimum due. When I contacted your customer service for help I got a hideous response saying that they can’t do anything and I have to pay 50k in 1 go.

Problem: there are couple of things where I have a problem, firstly if the EMI conversion didn’t take place then why I was not informed about the issue. Secondly according to the SMS the transaction took place on the card number ending with 1803 and on the very same day I got a for the deactivation on card number ending with 4602. There is no SMS from your end saying that the card number 1803 is deactivated. I tried to explain this to your customer service team over the phone however he mentions that they have sent me a SMS and he won’t be able to help me with anything as he has no access to any record which is older than 6 months. But he was kind enough (sarcastically) to provide me with information that my card was in a blocked/ deactivated status because of which this EMI conversion didn’t take place.

Below are my few question is:
• When was my card number ending with 1803 deactivated because I have never received any communication related to the same?
• If the card number ending with 4602 was deactivated because you sent me a new card then why the offer was not applied to the transaction which happened on card number ending with 1803?

Based on the conversation which I had with your team today i.e. 30 june 2017 at around 12:40 (Which was very unpleasant) I have registered a complaint on national consumer helpline and here is the Docket number: - 326473.

This is not a request anymore, I want some to contact me immediately and solve this issue.
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