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Dmart - People Working In Ramurthinagar Dmart Store Bangalore Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Helen Grace on June, 11 2017 07:49 PM

Hello Mr bini John. Heard your the manager head of ramurthinagar Dmart store. I am really very unhappy n disappointed by the service the store people are providing. Should Dmart grow or you want to shut down by having these kind of people?today while shopping we wanted to buy peanuts. To check the quality I took 4 peanuts n started to eat, the lady in the billing place told we are not suppose to eat. I told k I stood.I had 2 in hand it was tasting bitter so I put bck those 2 and took another 2.it was just 2.so soon Anand, store manager comes and very rudly arrogantly starred to say "should not eat anything inside"I was realy shocked by his behaviour; we are not buying from road side to see this kind of behaviour, we hav cme to Dmart expected some kind of good customer service .I told it's just 2 for that Anand went on saying if 1000 people eat n tell the same in a rude manner.After he went I billed 3kgs of peanut and majunath was there told him "look I hav put it back tell your manager there is a way to speak to customers .I agree it was my mistake, but there is a way to b handled and told.This was very shocking.so I wanted to escalate this and after billing i went to the glass room in corner and asked to whom should I escalate. I just wanted the name .so soon manjunath came there and started to raise his voice saying "in kannada -it's over there we spoke it's ur mistake "n so on ,he statred to raise his voice.I told I just need the persons name to whom I shd escalate. He was not ready to tell n agsin for 5 to 10 mins spoke very very rudly n very bad raising his voice all the customers were watching. What kind of people you hav hired?I was shocked and told him I don't want any kind of approach n details from you rven then he was speaking only in kannada.told him speak in English. In turn he is telling speak in kannada rudly.God unexpected some good behaviour from Dmart.if you hav Ccvt kindly check the footage. Finally I got details of Bini john frm another petson there.He statred saying sorry madam .I was really shocked.never got to see this kind of a behaviour from a store person. I would like to knw now, we customers should we ignore all this becuse of whom you all making money or is there a solution for this?

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