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BSH Household Appliances Manufacturing Pvt Ltd - Refrigerator Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Bhawna Mendez on March, 14 2017 12:21 AM
Hi...this a severe issue with bosch refrigerator service in Ghaziabad. We had lodged complaint for non cooling. The technician came twice or thrice and said that the fan motor is not working. After 20 days we got the motor , the same technician came and asks us that whether the fridge is working properly or not. The answer was an obvious no which is why we were following up , but it was so unskilled and unprofessional a question on the part of the technician. Anyways , he defrosted the fridge with hot water and replaced the motor. Till he was there within half an hour of changing also the cooling had not started . When we asked him why, he informed that because it has been defrosted completely, cooling will start after 3-4 hours and also told that if it doesn't, to call on his mobile no. But cooling did not start , rather a certain smell started to come from the fridge. Again we called that man up and he told to lodge complaint once again. After which we did it, but technician came after 2-3 days. That too on a Sunday. And after checking informed that there is a gas leakage. Again after paying 3750 for the motor plus service charge of 850, again they have asked for 6500 for gas filling and again 850 for service charge. This poor and disgusting service and incidence from such a reputed company has disappointed us. Why should we pay for gas leakage when it has happened within hours of service by your representative. We request you to take this up with your service team at Indirapuram , Ghaziabad and get us the gas filled free of cost .We cannot pay for something done by company technician. Also the competence of the technicians for such a huge and reputed company is extremely extremely third grade. We hope that. Bosch for its reputation will back to us with the action further.
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