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Posted: Geetu Kaura on August, 25 2017 09:19 AM
This started last year in August 2016, ever since then, I am being harassed just for quietly resigned yet under compelling circumstances from Bird Group’s (Bird Education Society for Travel and Tourism) in June 2016, I had gone through a sexual assault and it was done on various occasions by Mr. Ashok Gera (Chief Security and Administration officer), supported by Mrs. Radha Bhatia, chairperson of Bird Group.

Step by step I will write so that we have clear picture of this particular hand twisted method adopted to implicate false case on me and this has caused tremendous mental harassment. I am a single lady with no male support responsible for my mother, 2 younger sisters, which Mrs. Bhatia and Mr. Gera are well aware of and have been taking advantage of the same.
1. Mr. Ashok Gera who is working as Chief Security & Administrative Officer in Bird Group molested me on various occasions. Starting from the month of October, 2015 when Mr. Ashok Gera started giving ‘lewd gestures’ to draw my attention, though the same was then ignored by me and also since then whenever possible tried to avoid this personnel. Secondly, it was in the month of December, 2015 when Mr. Ashok Gera had called to Mr. T.V. Narayanan’s room (HOD) during lunch time when nobody was around, as this room was used by Mr. Ashok Gera in the absence of the HOD of the company who was hospitalized then, where he molested me by way of placing his hand on my shoulder thereby pressing them down so that I couldn’t stand up but somehow I managed to escape from him and ran out of the room. Followed by which in the month of January, 2016 I requested Mrs. Radha Bhatia to change my department so that I could work peacefully without any obstruction or harassment from Mr. Ashok Gera but the same was ignored with no response from her side. Now lastly, it was in the month of March when I was asked by Mr. Ashok Gera to report at his office situated at E-9, Connaught Place at 1600 Hrs after my shift timings, i.e., from 08:00 - 16:00 hrs, where I was again molested and assaulted by him by way of pushing me to the wall and then closing the door, and also by putting his hands on my shoulder, and also tried to hug me and placed his arms around me and touched on my chest. I then pushed him back and escaped from his clutches and ran away from him.
2. For the above said unlawful incidents I had approached Mrs. Radha Bhatia on being the chairperson of the organization and had made several complaints verbally on various occasions against Mr. Ashok Gera starting from October, 2015 till March, 2016 but then failing a proper response from her side, I had also made a written complaint via e-mail on 10th March, 2016 for taking action against Mr. Ashok Gera, however she being the authorized person to take disciplinary action against misconduct of the officials working under her organization, refrained from taking any disciplinary action against Mr. Ashok Gera for his filthy actions and also further tried to convince me to keep myself away from complaining and further threatened me not to raise this issue any further and to suppress the same for the sake of her company.

Background on which this case is prepared and it is just a counter blast to the complaint I made against Mr. Ashok Gera on 10th March 2016 to the Chairperson of Bird Group via email for sexual assault (attached email for your reference).
3. I worked for Bird Group for 5 year, 2months , Joined on 11th March 2011, was reporting to HOD Dr. T.V. Narayanan, I was hired for Training Department of Bird Education Society for Travel and Tourism and was told by HOD at the time of hiring that, the company will pay salary in 2 parts, one in form of cheque / transfer to the account and the amount that will be given in cash for which there will no official documented, HOD also stated that Bird Group is hiring me on a high salary because they believe I will be a good resource with multi tasking experience, As per company rule, I was asked to refrain from telling actual salary to anyone in the office and I accepted the offer as I was in the need of job and money for my family survival after my father’s death.

4. I was approached by ‘M/S. Inter Globe Technology Quotient Pvt. Ltd.’ being satisfied with the work excellence and work experience and thereby offered a job in their organization. At the end of June 2016 or starting of July 2016 verification process started. Where I was asked by Mrs. Bhatia on July 6th 2016 to write an apology letter for resigning and join back at the earliest. I was continuously receiving messages from Vinita G, Mrs. Bhatia’s employee to contact Mrs. Radha Bhatia, I contacted her via message, and she gave me appointment to see her on 21st July 2016. I was under the impression that I will get clearance, experience letter, gratuity for giving her company 5 years. On 21st July, 2016 as instructed by her I went to her office at E9 Connaught place and handed over the laptop along with the dongle and the ‘IATA Foundation in Travel & Tourism’ Book which were the properties belonging to her company and I also confirm that there is no other property belonging to her company is in my possession after 21st July 2016.

5. I was shocked and surprised when I came to know as informed by Investigation Officer from the Police Station of Connaught Place that Mr. Ashok Gera (Chief Security & Administrative Officer) had lodged a complaint in the Connaught Place Police Station against me for fabricating a false “Salary Certificate” also referred to as “CTS” and forging the signature of Mr. Shekar Chandra Saroch (Accounts Manager of the company), upon which I started receiving repeated calls from the Police Station again and again for inquiry upon the issue, which caused tremendous mental harassment to me.
6. I had submitted the “CTS” issued by Mrs. Radha Bhatia’s organization so as to convey to ‘M/S. Inter Globe Technology Quotient Pvt. Ltd.’, the last drawn salary. Mrs. Bhatia has taken objection against this action alleging that the said “CTS” was fabricated & forged which I vehemently deny. The said M/S. Inter Globe Technology Quotient Pvt. Ltd. when approached Mrs. Radha Bhatia’s organization for background verification through an authorized company namely ‘M/S. Auth Bridge’, her company at her instance denied the correctness of the “CTS” issued by her organization creating a bad impression about me and also creating problem in obtaining a job elsewhere. Mrs. Radha Bhatia also intimated M/S. Auth Bridge that she did not relieve me from her organization. This malafide action on her part amounts to harassment at work place for which I wanted to file a FIR and I was denied by Umesh, belt no 1552ND.
7. Since I wasn’t get any solution and was being harassed all the time, I then, made a complaint to PMO, with PMOPG/E/2016/0350467 number on 17th Spetember 2016,and its being followed up, attached is the complaint for your reference only.
8. Then, after ASI Umesh, belt no. 1552ND, was posted at PS Connaught Place started harassing me and my family for which I made a complaint on 5th of November 2016 at 00:32, 7th November 2016. He came to my residence on 3rd November'16 at 16:15 hrs in my absence to threaten my mother & sister.
He came in Hyundi I10 - Steel grey colour, DL number 6155 along with a female constable Ms. Gundu.
They came at my residence to threaten my mother and sisters to implicate me in false case if I don't scum to the requirement of Mrs. Radha Bhatia. He has also said that, on Sunday I come to his office and he will take me to the office of Mrs. Radha Bhatia as she being an influential person and can manage a phone call from some senior officer. He then stated that, he will come back to arrest me and my family, though we understand that it would be illegal but we can't by pass our Sr. officers.
On the above matter, I had also spoken to Shakti Khand PC41 about this matter and they being kind enough to help me with the following information that, firstly Delhi Police can't enter Ghaziabad without informing Ghaziabad Police and secondly they confirmed that, Ghaziabad police has no information regarding the same.
Where, I request humbly for taking stern action against ASI Umesh Kumar & Ms. Gundu for acting beyond their jurisdiction. This mental harassment has certainly made us feel unsafe at our own residence.
9. On 22nd August’17 from 14:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs I went to PS Connaught place as demanded to join the investigation, from November 2016 until August 21st 17 there was no communication and I was under impression that Mrs. Bhatia has withdrawn this false case, which she was & is forcefully trying to implicate on me. With this above harassment and Mrs. Bhatia’s influence I was asked to leave from IGT Pvt. Ltd. as she has been directly, indirectly attacking on my image, career and living. I am jobless because of her brutal conduct to suppress sexual assault, harassment at work place.
Note: Had sent the notice to Bird Group Chairperson on 15Oct'16, based on the false complaint made against me on 28th July 2016 instead me and my family is being mentally harassed. We feel unsafe in our own country, state, and home.
SI Amit Kumar has taken the original copy of the notice from me by stating that the copy of the notice has to be originally retained by him that, was sent by speed post on 19th August 2017 as stated above. I fail to understand this act of SI Amit Kumar who investigated the case in casual attire at PS Connaught Place. (Attached is the reply handwritten at PS CP for false case on me). Original letter of reply is with SI Amit Kumar. Also I was threatened at the time of investigation to put me behind bars during investigation; I haven’t done any crime to go through this humiliation as I join the investigation as demanded. And when asked for his belt number he denied by saying I am at a lower position and we don’t have belt number. Amit Kumar also suggested me to get an anticipatory bale, which I certainly fail to understand, why shall I get it when I haven’t done any crime and I am not guilty?
10. I hereby call upon you to take appropriate legal action against Mr. Ashok Gera for committing Sexual Assault against me at the work place and further direct him to withdraw the false complaint /FIR lodged against me in the Connaught Place Police Station, Also consider this as a written complaint to file a FIR against Mrs. Radha Bhatia and Mr. Ashok Gera for conspiracy, using the mighty power and influence which she posses in the society and bureaucratic circle and causing mental agony upon me and also for acting hand-in-glove with Mr. Ashok Gera in harassing me. I called upon Bird Group to release all the legal dues at the earliest.
11. I would also request legal opinion on the above matter henceforth marking it a copy to Assistant Director Prosecutor, Delhi. I will be highly obliged to have support and guidance from immense government officials.

Sincere citizen of India, I hold a lots of trust in our government official and demandng justice from, PMO Shri N Modi Ji, Home Minister – Shri Rajnath Ji, Ghaziabad CM – Shri Aditya Yogi Ji, Shri Amulya Patnaik, IPS, Commissioner of Police.
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