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Aqua Fresh RO System - RO System Water Purifier Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Shashank Gupta on June, 12 2017 10:21 AM
I purchased the RO 3 months ago. The RO looked old, however the technician tried to convince that this is what an RO looks like and if there is any issue then they will resolve any issue within warranty period. There was this issue with the waste water, the technician changed a part of the newly installed RO. There was a leakage from the tap on the RO, the technician said that it will take some time to set up and left. Asked him to install a proper working RO but he left and said that they would come to check when there is a issue as the RO is in warranty so I need not to worry. Just after 10-15 days of installation, the waste water leakage started again. The technician came after calling the customer service a lot of times and changed a part(this is the second time the same part was changed). When I asked him to check the leakage of water from the tap side, he didn't even care to check, said that the storage tank is broken from the tap side. He said that he do not have the spare parts and the complete equipment hence they will address it at the time of service.
The issue re-occured once again, called the customer care, I was told that the technician will come within 1-2 days and no one came.
After that I called them for almost 25-30 times within next 2 months. Everytime I was told that the technician will come in the next day or the day after.
I was even told to use the RO in the form it is and the issue will be resolved when the technician have the time to visit.
The technician visited again after 2 months. Reported about the issues again, that is the waste water do not stop even when the RO is not working and the the leakage with the tap.
The technician said, "I am here for the regular maintenance. I will not resolve the issue. After arguing with him for a couple of times, he said that he do not have the equipment to resolve this issue."
The technician simply denied the to resolve the issue inspite the RO was in warranty and this issue is from the very beginning.
I called the customer care and after talking to the lady he agreed to resolve the issue.
The attachment of the audio recording is attached to this complaint. You can judge the kind of ignorance they offer to you by listening to the audio file. I have the recording of each and every call I had with them. I can provide the rest when required, I could not find the option to upload multiple files on this page.
The technician did his work. The waste water was still leaking. He said that it will stop after 15-20 minutes and left.
So after he left, I was facing a new issue along with the 2 I was facing earlier.
1. The waste water did not stop even when the RO is not working. (Not resolved and I believe ignored as well)
2. Tap on the RO tank leaking( didn't even care to check)
3. The water after purification is not clean. Changed the water 8-10 times now and not sometimes there are minutes visit particles. The water. Had to filter it by sedimentation.

I called the customer care and they gave the number of the technician and said that only he will address the issue. As advised by them I called the technician and he said that he will revisit after sometime as he is working somewhere.
When I called the technician again, he did not receive the call.
Called the customer care, did not receive the call.
Today I called the customer care and asked for the manager, to which I was said that he not available. After a discussion of a minute, I was told that I will receive the call back from higher authority within 30 minutes and it's been more than 5 hours now.

It's more than what it looks. I am worried about the waste water issue because the amount of water is huge and water is not a cheap resource as it looks like. People die due to lack of water, farmers opt to take a different path other than living when there is scarcity of water.
It is not bearable when an industry dealing with the water is so ignorant about importance of water and their work.

I feel helpless and I am fed up with the poor customer service,
unskilled technicians,
false promises,
And exploited by the company and it's addressing employees.
The RO is simply not properly functioning and after a month, when the warranty is over, it will give me a lots of headache and I can not afford to purchase a new one or to get these expensive parts of current one repaired. I can not afford to give money for the things that I am entitled to free of cost within warranty period.
When a person gives a chance to a new indian startup to flourish, he/she does not expect to get exploited by the same. Companies like these are the reasons that the citizens are scared of investing in Indian originated startups and the well setup foreign companies takes all the credit, and there is no doubt why.

Why would they provide warranty when they have no intension of addressing the genuine issue, is it just to lure the costumer and make money. After making a customer, they ignore about their issues and start focusing on new customers.

I have tried every procedural step I was aware of and do not know what to do now.
Filing a complaint consumer court was the only thing that was left for me to do.
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