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Indiacomplaints.com / All India Food Processors' Association / ALLBEK Restaurant Charging more after GST Tax Implemantation

All India Food Processors' Association - ALLBEK Restaurant Charging More After GST Tax Implemantation Complaint Rating:   

Hello Sir,

I am an IT employee working in Manyata Tech Park which is near hebbal, Bangalore.
We have a AL-BEK Restaurant in our DOCK-YARD Food Court.

Last week we had 3 shavarma chicken role for Rs. 210.

After this GST implemented in India, They put additional 18% tax on this 210 and we paid Rs. 248 today.

When we went and asked that shop owner, he said that he don't have a TIN ID yet for his shop and has not paid any VAT, Service TAX or SALE TAX to the government so far.
That's why they were selling all the products in basic price without any tax.

Now since the government has announced 18% GST tax they have added to the basic price and charging it seems.

This is not only happening in once shop in that food court.

Even a Tea price also it was 15 rupees before. Now after GST they are charging 20 rupees.

When we raise question to them, we are not getting any valid answer.

We IT people in Bangalore are really struggling because of this price increase after paying proper tax to the government.

Now what we think is by introducing this GST the government has made a chance for this businessman's to increase the price of all the products. When we raise this concern they are simply escaping with the name GST.

I have attached the bill for your reference.

Please take necessary action on this.

Mobile : 9901321758
ALLBEK Restaurant Charging more after GST Tax Implemantation
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