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4dimension - Discount Card And Some Products Complaint Rating:   

Posted: Sadhvi Saxena on February, 28 2017 01:43 AM
Dear sir/ma'am,
I want to file a complain against 4dimension company for theft,they called me on 3rd jan (Mr.RAJEEV) & said that they'll offer me a discount card for Rs.7,450 which will offer me discount on maximum retail stores for various products and alongwith that card I'll receive a pair of branded shoes,watch,shirt,wallet & belt & aftr making the payment this amount will convert into EMI of Rs.620 automatically and I'll have to pay only Rs.620 per month. I paid the entire amount then and there without any delay & they assured me that I'll receive good services. Almost after 10-15 days I received the products and all the products were fake and low quality roadside products. The shoes that I received were both of same foot (left foot). I called them n number of times but everytime they said we'll arrange a call in return but I received no call,I've sent almost 10 mails everyday to remind them about the products sent to me. Finally I got so irritated that I said that I just want my money back and dont want any services. They said we will return the amount only when they'll receive their products. I packed their products just the way they came and asked them to arrange a pickup for the same, they wasted almost 3-4 days but took no action. Then I received my credit card statement and realised that they'e deduted the entire amount in one shot and it wasnt converted to EMI. I had to make that entire payment of Rs7,450 from my pocket as they irritated me but did not return my money. It was a clear act of theft. After that also they didnt respond,finally I spent Rs.400 from my pocket and called them to inform that I'll send their product but they should refund all my money (Rs7,450+Rs400=Rs7,850). Even after that they irritated me for days and weeks. After my regular followup and reminders on mails and calls they refunded only Rs.7450 but didnt refund those Rs.400. Since then I'm regularly calling and mailing them but everytime they disconnect my call and say that they'll arrange a call back but I never received any call back. Sir, please take some action. They are clearly extracting money from common people by calling them and then taking the entire amount in one go and sending fake roadside products and then not refunding the amount. If there would have been any option of attaching more than one picture with this complaint letter then I would have sent you all the picture of fake products that they've sent and the mails that I've sent them almost everyday. For your information I'm just attaching the receipt of courier that I've sent from my pocket. Sir,I'm not in a situation to spend this much amount. Firstly Rs.7450 then Rs.400 for nothing that I received . Please take some action sir. The contact numbers on which I call them are 011-41076701/41099121/41717245/41717246. Please take some action against them and ask them to refund my money. Its been days since I'm following them up for my refund but they are simply ignoring.
discount card and some products
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